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EX-1 exhaust temperature monitor/alarm


The EX-1 continually displays the exhaust gas temperature in wet exhaust systems giving advanced warning of potential problems.

The EX-1 measures the exhaust gas temperature directly and displays it in degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit. Once the normal working temperature has been established a maximum temperature, a few degrees higher, can be programmed into the EX-1 which will then sound an alarm if that temperature is exceeded.Even a small rise in temperature can indicate a potential problem such as a minor blockage, leak or failing pump which can be corrected before a complete failure occurs.

Customer review

I just wanted to share with you another great reason for having the EX-1 fitted. Over the last few weeks of using our boat I observed that the running temperature had gone up around 5 degrees or so. Now with using the boat in the winter one would expect the reverse, so it caused me to think more about it. Added to that, when I did use the engine at full revs on load (something I do regularly just as a check) the exhaust alarm went off (it doesn’t normally.) I then observed the seawater tell-tail was more pronounced (the tell-tail feed is off the line between the Jabsco pump and the inlet to the cooler. Hmmm: possible blockage? I removed the impellor and true enough, one of the vanes had come off. On stripping the cooling system (I was already working on the leaking silencer) I found one part of the impellor up against the tube stack, but more importantly, when I removed the hose feeding the tube stack, via a small elbow, I found a larger part of the impellor jammed inside, reducing the flow by as much as 50% and causing s sediment build up behind it, reducing it further. All cleaned out now, but the reason for telling you is that the EX-1 gave me warning before any real damage could have been caused. It is a brilliant piece of kit.



Technical Specifications

  • Compact size 125 x 62 x 23mm with high contrast LCD
  • Supply current less than 1.5mA
  • Supply Voltage 8 to 15 volts DC.
  • Supplied with sensor and 5 metre cable
  • Temperature range -35 to +170 degrees Centigrade.
  • Threshold range -35 to +170 degrees Centigrade.( -31 to +338 degrees Fahrenheit.)