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Electromagnetic Log (transducer and data box)


Electromagnetic Log – speed through water – with no moving parts!

The EML-2 electromagnetic speed log measures the boat speed through the water with no moving parts.

Robust and accurate, the sensor generates an alternating magnetic field below the boat and measures the resulting electric field produced by the boat moving through the water.

With excellent linearity and a resolution of 0.1 Knot, over the range 0.2 to 40 Knots, the control box converts the sensor signal to boat speed, trip and total distance and sends it to any compatible NMEA-0183 display.



For a complete solution the EML-2 electromagnetic transducer and controller can be supplied together with either a

Clipper EM log display

or a

Target EM log display

AIS Engine


Speed range 0.2 – 40 Knots

Speed, trip and total logs

NMEA 0183 output sentences VLW + VHW


Transducer dimensions:

Hull skin fitting outer diameter = 50mm

Hull skin fitting inner diameter = 40mm

Hull skin fitting height = 70mm

Complete transducer overall height = 115mm*

*Allow 30mm minimum height clearance for cable

Cable length 5.0 metres