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The NASA Marine 12 Volt Easylight luminaire contains 48 high efficiency LEDs in a slender surface mounting package.

The cool white version (CW) is recommended where maximum illumination is required and the warm white (WW) where a more natural light is preferred. Light output for the (CW) is typically 300 Lumens and typically 250 Lumens for the (WW).

The unit is designed for surface mounting directly on a ceiling or wall using the screws provided. It is not waterproof and is intended for use in a dry cabin only.

When fitting ensure that the ventilation slots are not obstructed and take care not to over tighten the screws. When in operation the space behind the unit may get warm so avoid mounting on surfaces where this could cause a problem.
The power leads can be taken through a convenient hole in the mounting panel or alternatively through one of the end vent slots. Connect to a 12 volt DC supply via a suitable switch and a 1 Amp fuse. The red wire goes to the positive supply connection and the black wire to negative. (An internal diode protects the unit against supply reversal.)

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  • Supply current                  320 mA
  • Supply voltage                  11 to 15 Volts
  • Number of LEDs               48
  • LED beam angle              120 Degrees
  • Dimensions                      128.5 x 66.5 x 16.5 mm
  • Polarity protected             Yes
  • Transient protected          Yes
  • Colour temp. (WW)          2800-3300 Kelvin
  • Colour temp. (CW)           5300-6700 Kelvin
  • Body material                   ABS
  • Clear material                  Polycarbonate
  • Mounting hole pitch         109mm
  • Weight                             75 grams


Warm White, Cool White