Supernova Mounting Bracket

Spare mounting bracket for the Supernova range of LED lights

Kit comprises of the anodised aluminium bracket, 2 x mounting blocks, 2 x M4 x 35mm stainless steel screws and 2 x M4 stainless steel Nyloc nut.

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Weather covers

Spare weather cover (please indicate model with order)

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Wind mast unit MK1 without 20M cable

Masthead unit for all MK1 Clipper, Target and Cruiser Wind systems. It is fitted with a short cable with waterproof connector to connect to your existing 20 metre long cable/connector.

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BM-1/Compact/BM-2 spare 5 metre cable

5 metre cable for BM-1, BM-2 or BM Compact battery Monitors

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Series 2 Navtex Antenna

Spare antenna complete with 7 metre cable – suitable for Clipper Navtex and Target Navtex 2 channel receivers
(Not suitable for single frequency receivers – see 518Khz type)

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Mast Head Unit with cable

Compatible with MK1 5 wire Clipper, Cruiser and Target Wind instruments

Complete masthead unit with 20 metres of cable and mounting brackets

OUT OF STOCK – DUE 25th June


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Spare alarm buzzer – Clipper, Target and Cruiser Depth

Spare alarm buzzer for the Clipper, Target or Cruiser Depth sounders

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Clipper Wind Master Display MK1 5 WIRE

Spare Clipper Wind master display unit complete with weather cover

This connects to the 5 wire analogue output mast head unit.

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Clipper Depth master display unit

Clipper Depth master display unit

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Cruiser Depth display unit

Spare Cruiser Depth display unit

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Spare Cruiser Log display unit

Spare Cruiser Log display unit

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Spare Clipper Duet display unit

Spare Clipper Duet display unit

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Spare Target Log display unit

Spare Target Log display unit

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Spare Clipper Compass display

Clipper Compass display unit


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Spare Target Depth display unit

Spare Target Depth display unit

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Dust cover

Dust cover for Clipper Navtex, Weatherman, AIS Radar,
Meteoman and MOBi man overboard indicator.1

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Instrument 'O' rings
Instrument O ring

Spare ‘O’ ring to seal instruments to panel

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HF Antenna power adaptor

HF3 has the power supply for the HF antenna built in since 2005 (Red label on back of radio chassis).

If you want to use the antenna for another receiver you will need this power adaptor to provide 12V.

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518Khz navtex antenna

Spare 518kHz antenna for older single channel Target navtex. Complete with 7 metre cable.

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Spare Power Cable

Spare 1 metre long fused power cable

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Transducer nut

Spare M16 nylon nut for depth transducer

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Clipper Log master display

Replacement Clipper Log master display unit


Technical Specifications

  • 40mm high digits
  • Speed (Knots/m.p.h.)
  • Trip Distance (N.Miles / Miles)
  • Total Distance (N.Miles / Miles)
  • Trend indicator shows acceleration / deceleration
  • Selectable speed averaging
  • Tactile keypad
  • NMEA 0183 output VHW & VLW
  • Consumption 10mA + 10mA for display backlight
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Masthead mounting kit

Spare mounting blocks and screws for masthead

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Spare Shunt 100 Amp

50 millivolt 100 Amp shunt for Clipper BM-1, BM-1 Compact and BM-1 Bluetooth


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Spare Shunt 200 Amp

50 millivolt 200 Amp shunt for Clipper BM-2 and BM-2 Compact

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Depth Transducer (with 7 metre cable)

Spare 150kHz depth transducer with 7 metre cable

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Complete Paddle Wheel Unit

Spare complete log impellor unit with skin fitting and 7 metre cable

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Log skin fitting

Spare log skin fitting

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Log blanking cap

Spare blanking cap for log sealing the log skin fitting

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Impellor unit without skin fitting

Spare log impellor unit with 7 metre cable

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Spare Gas sense element

Spare gas sense element for gas sensor

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20 metre wind extension cable

20 metre long extension cable for MK1 – 5 wire wind instruments.

Note there are two versions available:

Version 1 has PLUG for display connection.

Version 2 has TERMINAL BLOCK for display connection.

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Antenna rail mount bracket

Mounting bracket for 25mm horizontal rail
to suit Series 2 Navtex, Weatherman, Navtex 518Khz and HF antennae.

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20 Metre Wind cable – spare

Spare 20 metre cable as supplied as standard for MK1 – 5 wire Clipper, Target and Cruiser Wind. It has the masthead connector at one end, the other end is stripped and tinned wires.

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