Electromagnetic Log 2 (transducer and data box)
Electromagnetic Log 2 (transducer and data box)

Electromagnetic Log – speed through water – with no moving parts!

The EML-2 electromagnetic speed log measures the boat speed through the water with no moving parts.

Robust and accurate, the sensor generates an alternating magnetic field below the boat and measures the resulting electric field produced by the boat moving through the water.

With excellent linearity and a resolution of 0.1 Knot, over the range 0.2 to 40 Knots, the control box converts the sensor signal to boat speed, trip and total distance and sends it to any compatible NMEA-0183 display.


For a complete solution the EML-2 electromagnetic transducer and controller can be supplied together with either a

Clipper EM log display

or a

Target EM log display

or to a

NMEA 2000 backbone via our converter

AIS Engine




Available now:

EML -3 is a pulse output version of the Electromagnetic Log to suit any previous NASA Marine paddlewheel log including all Target, Clipper Logs and Duet. Also works with Raymarine ST60 Log display.

Click product video below, connected to a Clipper Duet combined Depth and Log. Shown with kind permission of one of our valued beta testers.

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BM-1 Compact
BM-1 Compact

Compact battery monitor, just 124 x 62mm x 23mm!

Based on the highly successful BM-1 marine battery monitor, the BM-1 Compact is especially designed for applications where space is at a premium.

Caravans, mobile homes, RV’s, small boats and renewable power installations can all benefit from the BM-1 Compact. It is able to monitor the performance of any 12 Volt lead acid battery system with a capacity up to 600 AmpHours. The BM-1 Compact is supplied with a precision 100 Amp shunt and prefabricated cables to enable simple DIY installation.

The unit continually monitors the voltage, the current (charge or discharge) and calculates the state of charge together with the time remaining to charge or discharge the battery.

This information can lead to a more efficient use of the battery enhancing its life and reducing the risk of failure.

Operation is very simple. One screen displays the voltage, current (charge or discharge) and a bar graph showing the remaining capacity. A flashing alarm is also included to warn if the capacity is getting too low. A second screen shows the remaining time available at the current charge/discharge rate together with the remaining capacity in both analog and digital format.

The BM-1 Compact consumes a miserly 1.5mA!

BM-1 Compact is used in various vehicles by the Ministry of Defence.

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BM-2 Compact
BM-2 Compact

The BM-2 Compact is designed for larger battery capacities and higher load currents than its BM-1 Compact sister product.

BM-2 Compact is designed especially for applications where space is at a premium. It fully monitors performance of 12 volt lead acid battery systems with capacities of up to 999 Amp hours. The package is supplied complete with a precision 200 AMP shunt and a prefabricated cable assembly to enable simple DIY installation. The unit continuously monitors voltage, current (charge or discharge), number of amp/hours (charge or discharge), the batteries state of charge and the time to charge or discharge. This information leads to more efficient use of the battery, which can enhance battery life and reduce the risk of failure.

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Tactical Wind Mast Sensor (NMEA 0183 Output)
Tactical Wind Mast Sensor (NMEA 0183 Output)

A high performance system that sends NMEA wind speed and direction data 10 times a second.

In demanding conditions, where high performance is essential, the Clipper Tactical wind mast sensor is the ideal choice. With ten updates every second it responds very quickly to the changes in wind speed and direction, which occur during tricky manoeuvres. The sensor is supplied complete with a mast mounting kit, 20 metres of light weight cable and all necessary electrical connectors to complete the installation. The output data is in the NMEA 0183 format and can be used to drive any compatible display that utilises the MWV sentence. Supplied as standard to Clipper, Target and Cruiser V2 wind systems.

NOTE – This 3 wire NMEA mast unit is not compatible with earlier 5 wire analogue Clipper, Target or Cruiser wind systems. The earlier analogue mast sensor is available on the spare parts page.

  • Mast transmitter supplied with 20 metres of cable
  • NMEA 0183 4800 Baud data sentence MWV – update rate = 10 per second
  • Wind speed 0 to 99.9 Kts
  • Wind direction 0 to 360 degrees
  • Supply voltage nominal 12 Volts
  • Wind sensor supply current 9mA
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NMEA Compass Sensor
NMEA Compass Sensor

Compact and waterproof NMEA compass sensor transmits NMEA 0183 sentence HDG to Clipper, Target and Cruiser or other equipment.

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Meteoman masthead Unit *
Meteoman masthead Unit *

Masthead unit for connection to the Meteoman Barometer.

The unit sends apparent wind speed and direction data via NMEA 0183 to Meteoman display. Complete with 20 metres of cable.




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The NASA Marine 12 Volt Easylight luminaire contains 48 high efficiency LEDs in a slender surface mounting package.

The cool white version (CW) is recommended where maximum illumination is required and the warm white (WW) where a more natural light is preferred. Light output for the (CW) is typically 300 Lumens and typically 250 Lumens for the (WW).

The unit is designed for surface mounting directly on a ceiling or wall using the screws provided. It is not waterproof and is intended for use in a dry cabin only.

When fitting ensure that the ventilation slots are not obstructed and take care not to over tighten the screws. When in operation the space behind the unit may get warm so avoid mounting on surfaces where this could cause a problem.
The power leads can be taken through a convenient hole in the mounting panel or alternatively through one of the end vent slots. Connect to a 12 volt DC supply via a suitable switch and a 1 Amp fuse. The red wire goes to the positive supply connection and the black wire to negative. (An internal diode protects the unit against supply reversal.)

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Waterproof VHF Extension Speaker
Waterproof VHF Extension Speaker

Popular 5 watt waterproof extension speaker fits most VHF’s

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HF3W SSB Receiver
HF3W SSB Receiver

The Target HF3 is a masterpiece of R. F. engineering covering the entire spectrum between 30Khz to 30Mhz. For those new to single side band reception the unit comes complete with everything needed to ‘get on the air’ including a comprehensive instruction manual which includes a list of useful marine frequencies.

Controls on the front of the receiver change reception mode, from a narrow filter for SSB reception to a wide filter which enables high quality audio signals to be heard from broadcast stations around the world. They also control ten memory channels to store your favourite frequencies.

The large, clear liquid crystal display shows the precise frequency tuned to and there is no need for constant ‘correcting’ with the tuning knob so often associated with SSB signals as the receiver
is fully synthesised.

The Target HF3/P has a fixed level audio output to connect to third party weatherfax software. The receiver is supplied complete with a basic long wire antenna, 12 volt power cable and instruction book.

The HF3/W is complete with CD software and interface cable for connection to a PC sound card. The software enables reception of weatherfax pictures, Radiotelex weather forecasts and Navtex. Simply install the software, plug in the supplied cable to the receiver output and PC sound card to receive weatherfax pictures and forecasts from around the world.

Requires PC Windows XP to 10.

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Yacht Repeater
Yacht Repeater

A large display, mast mounted, multifunction repeater is now being produced at our factory. The weatherproof repeater with its 60mm high numerals, is supplied complete with cables, data-box with six NMEA-0183 inputs ( With up to six sentences per input.), wireless remote control, stainless steel mounting brackets and weather cover. There are nine levels of red back lighting which permit easy night viewing of red characters on a black background. The overall case size is 211mm wide x 140mm high.

Currently programmed in are the screens shown below though we do welcome customer feedback as we will add to this list by popular demand.


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Supernova Combi Tri and Anchor L.E.D mastlight
Supernova Combi Tri and Anchor L.E.D mastlight

Supernova lights use high efficiency LEDs ensuring long life and low power consumption. A tough polycarbonate shell protects Supernova from the elements while a Gore-Tex membrane vent ensures equalization of pressure on the seals.

A simple two wire connection powers the Combi light. Connecting the red wire to positive and the black wire to negative will illuminate the tricolour light. Reversing the connections will illuminate the anchor light.
A pre-wired toggle switch is supplied with the Combi light to facilitate the supply reversal.

In the central position both lights are off. Switching left or right selects the required lighting configuration.

Supernova navigation lights are intended for use on vessels up to 12 metres in length. They comply with CE generic EMC standards and are waterproof to IP65 and IP67. There is no specific EU standard for LED navigation lights. Supernova lights do not have any national approvals.

Supplied with pre wired switch and mounting bracket.

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Supernova lights use high efficiency LEDs ensuring long life and low power consumption. A tough polycarbonate shell protects Supernova from the elements while a Gore-Tex membrane vent ensures equalization of pressure on the seals.

Supplied with mounting bracket.

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Stingray Echo Sounder
Stingray Echo Sounder

The NASA Stingray Echo Sounders come in a slimline case with an easy to read extra bright LED display on a 4 inch dial. They both have a dual audible alarms for shallow and deep water which can be set to give two ranges either 1-25 metres or 1-100 metres, and are simplicity itself to operate. They come complete with transducer and stirrup mounting bracket and only require connection to the ships 12v power supply.

Sadly, as some component parts have been increasingly difficult to source this product is no longer in production. Anyone who has one can fit any of our digital depth sounders to the same Stingray depth transducer.

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20W Semi Flexible SOLAR PANEL
20W Semi Flexible SOLAR PANEL

At just 3.5mm thin our weather proof panels are tough enough to withstand being stepped on when wearing soft soled shoes

A solar panel can provide a near maintenance free solution to keeping batteries charged when unattended. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all that is necessary to ensure the panel continues to trickle energy into the battery. Keeping the battery topped up will improve its reliability and can extend its useful working life. Whilst solar panels give their maximum output in direct sunlight, even an overcast day can provide a useful level of charge.

The Nasa Marine 12 volt, semi flexible solar panel is robustly constructed on a fibre glass substrate and are protected by a scratch proof transparent Tedlar polymer. Only 3.5mm thick and lightweight, they have no metal outer components to make contact with the surface to which they are fitted.  The efficient and stable polycrystalline cells are encapsulated between two tough outer layers so the whole panel is weatherproof and carries a limited one year warranty.

The panel can be gently flexed (in one dimension.) to follow a smooth curve, such as a coach roof, by up to 2.5cm per 100cm of panel length. Four, grommet finished, holes are provided for screw fixing. Alternatively panels can be glued into position using mastic. The panels do not contain glass and, when correctly mounted, can be stepped upon when wearing soft soled shoes.
A sealed junction box is fitted with 2.5m of output cable, a connector and fuse protected crocodile clips. Electrical connection is simple though the use of a solar regulator is recommended to prevent overcharge if the system is to be left unattended for long periods or the solar panel to battery ratio exceeds the minimum of 10W to 100Ah.  An internal blocking diode prevents reverse current drain at night. The panel is protected with an inline 3 Amp fuse.

The 20W panel measures 510 x 360mm


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MOBi MOB Indicator
MOBi MOB Indicator

The Nasa MOBi is a state of the art, fail-safe transponder man overboard system. It consists of a base unit and up to eight active transponders for crew or valuable equipment. In operation the base station sequentially interrogates each transponder which then broadcasts its presence. In the event of a crew member falling overboard the drop in signal level is detected by the base unit which sounds a high intensity audible alarm. To aid identification of the missing crew member the base station continually displays the names of all the crew currently logged on, the signal levels of their transponder fob and their current status. Three AAA cells power each transponder for several weeks of continuous use. Should the base station be turned off the transponders will go to sleep with a life of several years. So if you are sailing with Tom, Dick and Harry don’t forget to take MOBi with you!

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Gas Monitor
Gas Monitor

Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) is an invaluable source of energy on many sailing vessels. It should, however, be used with great care. In its gaseous form it is heavier than air and will always collect at the lowest level in a vessel. Any leak of gas, any spillage of liquid could sink to the bilge and, unable to escape, build up to explosive proportions.

The NASA Marine gas detector system warns if the level of LPG rises above 10% of the lowest explosive limit (LEL) giving adequate warning of the need to ventilate the area before a dangerous situation occurs. The system consists of a cabin mounted monitor and a remote sensor. The monitor gives visual and audible warning if gas levels at the sensor rise above 10% LEL and will warn of fault conditions such as damaged cables etc.
The splash proof sensor is supplied with a 5 metre cable and has a test button to check the system right through to the gas sense element. The sense element is user replaceable in the event of contamination.  Supplied with power cable.

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EX-1 exhaust temperature monitor/alarm
EX-1 exhaust temperature monitor/alarm

The EX-1 continually displays the exhaust gas temperature in wet exhaust systems giving advanced warning of potential problems.

The EX-1 measures the exhaust gas temperature directly and displays it in degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit. Once the normal working temperature has been established a maximum temperature, a few degrees higher, can be programmed into the EX-1 which will then sound an alarm if that temperature is exceeded.Even a small rise in temperature can indicate a potential problem such as a minor blockage, leak or failing pump which can be corrected before a complete failure occurs.

Customer review

I just wanted to share with you another great reason for having the EX-1 fitted. Over the last few weeks of using our boat I observed that the running temperature had gone up around 5 degrees or so. Now with using the boat in the winter one would expect the reverse, so it caused me to think more about it. Added to that, when I did use the engine at full revs on load (something I do regularly just as a check) the exhaust alarm went off (it doesn’t normally.) I then observed the seawater tell-tail was more pronounced (the tell-tail feed is off the line between the Jabsco pump and the inlet to the cooler. Hmmm: possible blockage? I removed the impellor and true enough, one of the vanes had come off. On stripping the cooling system (I was already working on the leaking silencer) I found one part of the impellor up against the tube stack, but more importantly, when I removed the hose feeding the tube stack, via a small elbow, I found a larger part of the impellor jammed inside, reducing the flow by as much as 50% and causing s sediment build up behind it, reducing it further. All cleaned out now, but the reason for telling you is that the EX-1 gave me warning before any real damage could have been caused. It is a brilliant piece of kit.


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NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 SPEED LOG Compliant converter
NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 SPEED LOG Compliant converter

The product consists of a translator box which inputs the NMEA 0183 speed log data sentences VHW + VLW.  It translates the 0183 data into NMEA 2000 compliant speed and distance data for connection via a ‘micro-c’ connector directly into an existing NMEA 2000 network.





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