20 Metre Wind V2 Extension cable

20 metre 3 wire extension cable to suit the Clipper, Target and Cruiser V2 Wind mast head units. Fitted with 3 way wire trap terminal block.

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BNC / PL259 Adaptor

Adaptor to enable the BNC connector on the AIS Radar and AIS Engine to connect to the larger PL259 type VHF connector often fitted to marine VHF antenna cable.

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Clipper Tactical/True/Apparent Wind display

The Clipper True Wind Display shows apparent wind speed and direction, when connected to a log or GPS, it can also show true wind speed and direction.

Requires NMEA boat speed input either VHW from log or RMC from GPS for True wind speed and direction


Supply voltage nominal 12 Volts
Supply current 10mA + (10mA for back light
illumination Max)
NMEA input sentence MWV
Back light – 9 levels
Pointer style – 2
Display wind speed – 0 to 99 Kts
Display Wind angle – 0 to 360 degrees
represented by 60 segments
Display case size 110 x 110mm

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Cradle mount bracket

Optional cradle mount bracket for Clipper Easy Navtex, Weatherman, AIS Plotter or Meteoman display units.

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HF Active Antenna

Active HF antenna for HF3/W and HF3/P SSB receiver. Supplied with 7 metres of cable.


Note – if your HF3 receiver has a red couloured label on the rear chassis the power supply for the antenna is already built in. It is activated by the slide switch on the rear.


If your HF3 has a black coloured label you will need the optional antenna power supply here:





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RS232/USB adaptor

Turn your USB port to a serial port with this adaptor

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Speed log dummy impeller unit

Spare dummy log impeller

Fit this in place of the logs impeller unit if you leave the boat, this will keep the bore free from marine growth.

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Wireless Wind Masthead Unit & Data Box

The wireless masthead transmitter outputs NMEA 0183 wind speed and direction data via its paired receiver box. It is powered by an internal battery which is charged from ambient light using a small solar panel. A few dull days will not affect performance. When fully charged, it is capable of two thousand hours of full operation in total darkness. The masthead transmitter sends data wirelessly to the base unit, which is powered by the vessel’s 12 Volt supply, the base unit receives wind speed and direction data from the masthead transmitter and sends it to a Clipper Wind display or any other compatible NMEA display unit.

  • Wireless wind speed and direction data to any compatible NMEA display
  • Easy installation with mast in place – no wires to run down
  • Simple masthead alignment through base unit
  • Light mast unit weight – 190 grams
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Tactical Wind Mast Sensor

A high performance system that sends NMEA wind speed and direction data 10 times a second.

In demanding conditions, where high performance is essential, the Clipper Tactical wind mast sensor is the ideal choice. With ten updates every second it responds very quickly to the changes in wind speed and direction, which occur during tricky manoeuvres. The sensor is supplied complete with a mast mounting kit, 20 metres of light weight cable and all necessary electrical connectors to complete the installation. The output data is in the NMEA 0183 format and can be used to drive any compatible display that utilises the MWV sentence.

NOTE – This 3 wire NMEA mast unit is not compatible with earlier 5 wire analogue Clipper, Target or Cruiser wind systems. The earlier analogue mast sensor is available on the spare parts page.

  • Mast transmitter supplied with 20 metres of cable
  • NMEA 0183 4800 Baud data sentence MWV – update rate = 10 per second
  • Wind speed 0 to 99.9 Kts
  • Wind direction 0 to 360 degrees
  • Supply voltage nominal 12 Volts
  • Wind sensor supply current 9mA
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Weather covers

Spare weather cover (please indicate model with order)

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HF3 Panel Mount Kit

Panel mount kit for HF3/W and HF3/P receivers,
supplied with external speaker

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Through hull transducer mount kit

Kit for mounting the depth transducer through wooden or steel hulls.

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Clipper Wind Master Display MK1 5 WIRE

Spare Clipper Wind master display unit complete with weather cover

This connects to the 5 wire analogue output mast head unit.

To Buy

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5M Extension cable

5 metre long extension cable (5 way) for early type wind masthead unit or for extending the Clipper Depth Repeater cable.
(Note this cable suits the early type masthead units without the masthead connectors,
if it is to be used with later type masthead units removal of the plug and socket is required)

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Dust cover

Dust cover for Clipper Navtex, Weatherman, AIS Radar,
Meteoman and MOBi man overboard indicator.1

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Clipper Wind NMEA Output cable

This cable connects to the back of the Clipper Wind display to enable the NMEA output to be connected to external devices. Cable length 5 metres Fitted with 2 way wire trap terminal block

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Clipper Wind NMEA output connector

Din connector and short cable with wire trap terminal block

This connects to the Clipper Wind display output socket to enable NMEA output to other devices.

Also suitable for NMEA input to the Meteoman Barometer

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Antenna rail mount bracket

Mounting bracket for 25mm horizontal rail
to suit Series 2 Navtex, Weatherman, Navtex 518Khz and HF antennae.

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Clipper Pod

Clipper Pod. A robust POD moulding to suit 2 x Clipper Cockpit display units. Suitable for open cockpit mounting.

Supplied with 2 x 2 metre coaxial cables and 2 x cable glands for mounting the Clipper Log and Clipper depth


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MOBi Fob

MOBi Fob

Single Fob transmitter for pairing with the MOBi man overboard system

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In hull transducer mounting kit

Complete kit for mounting depth transducer inside GRP hull

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AIS Engine 3 upgrade processor

The AIS Engine 1 and 2 can be upgraded to AIS Engine 3 specification by replacing the processor. This is a straightforward procedure where the old device is simply unplugged from its socket and replaced by the new device. AIS Engine 3 relays all AIS messages.

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This ‘do it yourself’ install chip will enhance your AIS Radar by adding the latest SART function. If a SART (search and rescue transponder) transmission is received the AIS Radar will sound an alarm in the SOS tone. The zoom range is also enhanced by zooming right down to 0.125 nautical miles for easier location of the SART beacon/MOB. Additionally a course over ground pointer can be activated by the user which appears if your vessel is moving at 2 knots or more, this greatly simplifies the interpretation of targets on the screen relative to your own boats heading.

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Nickel plated male connector

High quality male connector, nickel plated with silver tip and teflon insulator. For coaxial cable RG 58.

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RG 58 10 m Cable pack

Coaxial cables are vital to the performance of your antenna and radio system. Selecting the best coaxial cable has become more and more complicated as more suppliers are offering a broader range of products. The cable selected will affect the system’s cost, coverage and reliability. That’s why for our antennas we only use one type of coaxial cable, the TOP PERFORMANCE RG 58 CU MIL, designed to guarantee the best signal transmission.

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14 tpi 25mm Rail Mount Bracket

Bracket for mounting Navtex and VHF antenna on 25mm rail. Standard 14 tpi marine mount. Solid nylon.

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NMEA Compass Sensor

Compact and waterproof NMEA compass sensor transmits NMEA 0183 sentence HDG to Clipper, Target and Cruiser or other equipment.

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NMEA masthead Unit *

Masthead unit sends NMEA 0183 sentences MWV and XDR to Meteoman display or other equipment. Complete with 20 metres of cable.


* Note -this unit does not interface with the Clipper, Target or Cruiser Wind display instruments.

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Waterproof VHF Extension Speaker

Popular 5 watt waterproof extension speaker fits most VHF’s

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Supernova lights use high efficiency LEDs ensuring long life and low power consumption. A tough polycarbonate shell protects Supernova from the elements while a Gore-Tex membrane vent ensures equalization of pressure on the seals.

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