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Easy to read. This new navtex receiver features big, bold characters and intuitive message formatting.

Price: £237.50 ( £285.00 Inc. VAT)
Target Navtex Pro-Plus V2

The Target Navtex Pro is packed with features yet is still remarkably easy to install and use. Great care has been taken to make this unit very simple to operate.


Price: £205.83 ( £247.00 Inc. VAT)
Weatherman Radio Telex

Weatherman combiness a synthesised HF receiver, a powerful computer and a high contrast display to form a complete, reliable, stand alone RTTY receiver.

Price: £249.17 ( £299.00 Inc. VAT)
PC Navtex USB

The PC Navtex Pro is a two channel navtex receiver designed to operate on your personal computer. It will receive navtex messages even without your PC connected.

Price: £112.50 ( £135.00 Inc. VAT)
H Vector Navtex Antenna

The H-Vector antenna can deliver a significant improvement to navtex reception

Price: £49.17 ( £59.00 Inc. VAT)

The MeteoMan provides an accurate, high resolution barograph recording in excess of five days data on barometric pressure and wind speed. It is easy to use, reliable, rugged and draws very little power from the boat's battery.


Price: £120.83 ( £145.00 Inc. VAT)