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Clipper Easy log

NEW - The Log without a paddlewheel and no moving parts.

Price: £68.33 ( £82.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Wireless Wind

Price: £291.00 ( £349.20 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Duet System

Combined Speed / Distance Log and Echo Sounder in standard 110mm square size. Suitable for cockpit mounting.

Price: £173.33 ( £208.00 Inc. VAT)
Cruiser Speed & Distance Log

Price: £97.50 ( £117.00 Inc. VAT)
Target Speed & Distance Log

Following the NASA design philosophy, the Target Log is simple and reliable showing speed in knots, trip distance to 999 nautical miles and total distance run up to 999 nautical miles.

Price: £87.50 ( £105.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Depth System

The Clipper Depth sounder is packed with features but like all instruments in the Clipper range is simple to install and operate.

Price: £129.17 ( £155.00 Inc. VAT)
Cruiser Depth System

Price: £97.50 ( £117.00 Inc. VAT)
Target Depth System

In the Target Sounder you will find all the necessary features of much higher priced units including keel offset, shallow and deep water alarms, and a depth range of 1 - 100 metres.

Price: £87.50 ( £105.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Speed & Distance System

If you are looking for cockpit instruments that feature cutting edge technology yet are intuitively simple to operate, look no further.

Price: £129.17 ( £155.00 Inc. VAT)
Cruiser Wind Speed & Direction

Price: £159.17 ( £191.00 Inc. VAT)
Target Wind Speed & Direction

Designed for long term maintenance-free performance, the NASA Wind Speed and Direction instrument is robust in manufacture and simple in operation.

Price: £148.33 ( £178.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Compass System

The Clipper Compass is a fully electronic compass with remote fluxgate sensor.

Price: £170.83 ( £205.00 Inc. VAT)
Cruiser Compass System

Price: £150.83 ( £181.00 Inc. VAT)
Target Compass System
The sensor is designed to be surface mounted but the unit can also be suspended, according to the most suitable location aboard.

Price: £133.33 ( £160.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Wind System

The Clipper Wind system shares the same 110mm square case as its sister instruments in the Clipper range.

Price: £191.67 ( £230.00 Inc. VAT)
BM-1 Battery Monitor

The BM-1 is designed to monitor performance of 12 volt lead acid battery systems with capacities of up to 600 Amp hours. It will also monitor the voltage of the engine start battery.

Price: £87.50 ( £105.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper GPS Repeater

The Clipper GPS repeater has quickly established itself as the market leader in cockpit GPS repeaters.

Price: £100.00 ( £120.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper BM-2 battery monitor

The BM-2 is a 200 Amp version of the worlds best selling BM-1 battery monitor.

Price: £107.50 ( £129.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Depth Repeater

The Clipper Depth Repeater has its own independent alarm function as well as repeating all data from the master unit.

Price: £68.33 ( £82.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Log Repeater
The Clipper Log Repeater repeats all data from the master unit.
Price: £68.33 ( £82.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Compass Repeater
The Clipper Compass Repeater has all the features of the master unit and an independent off course alarm.
Price: £91.67 ( £110.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Wind Repeater
The Clipper Wind Repeater has the user selectable pointer style and selectable wind speed scale of the master unit.
Price: £68.33 ( £82.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Close Haul Repeater

This connects directly to the master wind unit. As well as repeating the wind speed it shows wind direction in high resolution when sailing close to - or running with the wind.

Price: £68.33 ( £82.00 Inc. VAT)
Clipper Tactical Wind System

A high performance instrument system that shows almost instanteous changes of wind speed and direction.

Price: £225.00 ( £270.00 Inc. VAT)